Who We Are

Our Church

We make no apology for being what we are in word and practice as Bible Believing Baptists. We are Bible Believers… first and foremost. In all matters defining our faith or life practices, the Bible should be the FINAL authority for a Christian and in any church. AT GLBC, we desire to press that issue: The Bible is the source we derive our beliefs from. We are a missions focused church that supports ministries throughout the world.

Our Foundation

It is the Word of God! As Christians, what we know about Jesus comes from the Bible, therefore we believe that the Bible should also be where we derive what we believe about spiritual matters of any kind of faith or practice. Christian principles and sound teaching called “doctrine” must be biblically based.

We are Baptists… Independent Baptists

We believe that the Baptist church historically, has held the closest views to the Bible’s teaching or doctrines. Our heritage means something as many have died for these beliefs. Some beliefs that are distinctively Baptist are:

  • Salvation by Grace through faith alone
  • Baptism of Saved, Born Again, believers only
  • The ability to go directly to God without a priest or human intermediary
  • The autonomy (independence) of the Local church from state or associational control
  • Eternal Security – Once saved, ALWAYS saved! This is God’s commitment to your faith in him
  • The Bible is the final authority
  • The physical return of Christ for believers from this age, before the tribulation.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Our Love For America

Being an “Independent” Baptist simply means that we take care of our own business by a vote in our congregation. The Danbury Baptist Association was an integral part of forming the First Amendment to our Constitution which guarantees among other things, the liberty to practice our faith and prevents the government from regulating churches. We support our local, state and federal officials, and troops through prayer for them to turn to God and look to his word for wisdom making “In God we trust” our true motto.

Our Baptist heritage makes us Baptists!