The Purpose of Our Services

Our services focus on loving our Saviour, glorifying God and going away with strength and joy to bear the cross through the week.

Bus Ministry: We have a bus ministry! Please let us know if you are interested in or are in need of receiving a ride to church as we are here to help!

Sunday Morning:
10:00 AM -Sunday School
11:00 AM – Worship & Preaching

Sunday Night:
6:00 PM-Worship & Preaching

Wednesday Night:
7:00 PM-Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

The Sunday “School” activity

At 10:00 AM on Sunday morning we have a class for you! Our teachers are ready and prepared to teach the Bible providing optimum learning whatever the age may be!

Worship and Preaching Service

Generally, we start our services with worship. This is the opportunity to sing praises to God our Saviour together. With great joy, we sing the old hymns as a congregation; at times, our choir and other individuals provide special music in an effort to prepare our hearts to receive the Word of God. Also during this portion of the service, we receive an offering for the work of the ministry and missions. There is no pressure to give and if you are skeptical please just enjoy the services; we want God to minister to your heart more than anything. Most importantly, the services include the preaching of God’s word. It is a time to hear God’s message to you and apply the truths to your life; We pray you will make a decision obeying the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life.

Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

This is the “pick me up” service of the week. This time is spent praying for one another, singing a song or two and concluding with a short devotion or Bible study to challenge your heart.