Pastor's Class

Adult Sunday School 

At Gospel Light Baptist we believe that every Christian should be “… Growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” The Pastor’s class meets in the auditorium during the 10am Sunday School hour, and consists of adults that are at several different levels in their Christian life. The goal of the class is to give each student a place of learning where they can increase in their knowledge of God through his word. Whether it is verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible, or teaching on the different cults, or on the purpose of ministering to others, there is something for every spiritual age.

The desire of the Pastor is to grow strong Christians that can serve the Lord, lead their family and minister to others the love and grace of God bringing souls to Jesus Christ. Each student is encouraged to study and read the Word of God for themselves in hopes that they will grow to a place where they are involved in serving the Lord in some capacity. If you are looking for a place to deepen your faith and increase your knowledge of God and his Word come and see what God would show you in the Pastor’s class.

God's Plan of Salvation

Friend, we live in a day of insecurity. Many times, it's very difficult to determine what is real and what is simply another fraud or hoax. Thankfully, although we live in a day of deception, we have a source of Truth that can be trusted. Read on and discover "The Real Truth" laid out for us in God's Word.

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