Precious in His sight class



The Nursery at GLBC is available at all services for anyone with children from 0-3 years old. This provides the parents a safe place for their children to be cared for

while they are listening to the teaching and preaching without distraction.

On Sunday mornings for Sunday School, our Nursery Class is setup to accommodate 0-3 year olds who are in all stages of development and 4yr olds who are still transitioning to their next class.

It is staffed by the ladies of GLBC, who are devoted to carefully instill the basic truth that God can be trusted.


Children from walking age to 4 years old will benefit greatly from the lessons and activities geared toward helping them grow to love the Lord Jesus. The ladies who teach this class, patiently instruct the class, singing with the students, and teach colorful Bible stories and help the students learn short, easy-to-say Bible verses as they grow in grace. Many students hear, for their very first time the name of Jesus and the stories that span the Bible while engaging in activities of development-encouraging crafts and projects.


You will be able to enjoy Gospel Light Baptist Church through the Nursery Class, knowing that your child is being safely cared for, loved, and trained by ladies who love to serve the Lord.


Our desire is that this class will be a help to parents who desire to raise their children in the admonition of the Lord.


God's Plan of Salvation

Friend, we live in a day of insecurity. Many times, it's very difficult to determine what is real and what is simply another fraud or hoax. Thankfully, although we live in a day of deception, we have a source of Truth that can be trusted. Read on and discover "The Real Truth" laid out for us in God's Word.

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