Evangelist Dr. Ray C. Meier

Meier Ray TerryDr. Ray and Sister Terry Meier have been a blessing to Gospel Light Baptist Church for many years. Dr. Meier ministers with the experience of over 40 years in pastoral, educational, and evangelistic work. Sis. Terry brings her gift of music to emphasize the solid, Biblical preaching and teaching of Dr. Meier. In addition to the powerful spoken messages, Dr. Meier illustrates many of his sermons with chalk art. See some of his work at www.evrcmeier.org, or call 580-237-4300 for more information, or to schedule a meeting.

You will be blessed as you experience the Spirit-filled ministry of Dr. Ray and Sister Terry Meier!

God's Plan of Salvation

Friend, we live in a day of insecurity. Many times, it's very difficult to determine what is real and what is simply another fraud or hoax. Thankfully, although we live in a day of deception, we have a source of Truth that can be trusted. Read on and discover "The Real Truth" laid out for us in God's Word.

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